Top 3 Instant FIRC Providers for Streamlined Exports

Top 3 Instant FIRC Providers for Streamlined Exports
Rohit21 February 2024

The Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) serves as a crucial document, validating the receipt for international money transfers. However, freelancers, small businesses, and startups often face challenges in obtaining instant FIRCs, impacting their operations and financial processes. 

The delays in receiving these certificates can hinder their ability to proceed with essential business activities, affecting cash flow and overall efficiency.

Here are three international payment platforms that provide quick FIRC or FIRA.

Top 3 Instant FIRC Providers

1. Skydo

Skydo makes international money transfers seamless. It saves money with zero forex margin, one of the best currency exchange rates, and a flat fee, but it also stands out as a leading instant FIRC provider, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Its key features include-

Download FIRA

The platform boasts flat fee charges per transaction and a user-friendly interface. Users appreciate Skydo for its speed and convenience, making it an ideal choice for freelancers and businesses.

Sign up for free with Skydo and experience the efficiency of instant FIRCs.

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2. Payoneer

Payoneer is a global payment platform with an extensive reach, offering the option to generate e-FIRCs for specific transactions. 

Sellers and service providers can receive FIRA/FIRS/NOC directly in their Payoneer account for free. However, it is available 180 days after the payment processing date. You can download them individually or in bulk.


3. Wise

Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise focuses on low-cost international money transfers and low currency exchange rates. It is accepted in 70+ countries. 

Wise offers the option to request a FIRC manually for specific transactions. However, it may not be the most convenient for frequent FIRC needs due to varying processing times.


A Table of Comparison

FIRC Issuance SpeedInstantWithin 72 hoursVaries based on transaction size
Charges for FIRCFreeFree for 180 days from the day of payment processingUnknown


Instant FIRC providers streamline financial processes, increase efficiency, and improve cash flow. Skydo, with its ease of use, affordability, and integrated platform, stands out as the top choice for freelancers and businesses. It offers a seamless experience, ensuring that obtaining FIRCs is no longer a hindrance to your international transactions.

Streamline your finances and save time with Skydo's instant FIRC solution. Sign up today to experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of managing your international payments.

Save 50% on every international transfer
Zero forex margin
Global bank account in 5 mins
Instant FIRC for free
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Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the best way to get a FIRA?

Ans: You can request your FIRA document from the authorised bank which will take a few days to weeks to send to you. You can also use Skydo to get it instantly.  

Q2. How to get FIRA instantly?

Q3. What are the details required to get a FIRA?

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