Top 5 Remote Work Hacks for Freelancers

Top 5 Remote Work Hacks for Freelancers
Sukanya2 March 2024

A global data report revealed that India had 333 million self-employed people in 2021, a 7.6% increase from 2020.

But remote work is not a walk in the park. Indian freelancers face many challenges, such as unreliable internet, distractions, and time zone differences. How can you overcome these hurdles and thrive as a freelancer in India?

Here are some remote work hacks that remote workers worldwide have tried and tested, which will help you level up your game and crush it as a freelancer in India.

#1: Focus Like a Laser with Apps That Block Distractions

The distractions of Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Netflix and other platforms are at your fingertips when you work remotely. How can you resist the temptation of hopping on to these apps and get things done?

Some apps have worked for fellow remote workers to ensure self-control


However, if you’re looking for a better Sidekick to your hero side hustle-try this one:


Some of the other apps that you can use are Forest, PomoDone, and Freedom. You can also try alternatives like browser extensions and offline methods, such as turning off your phone and using a timer.

How to stay focused and productive when you WFH

#2: Collab Like a Boss with Cloud Crew HQ

Remote work translates to remote collaboration. You’re not in the office to turn towards someone and speak to them. Email can only go so far. You need a better way to communicate and collaborate with your cloud crew.

Collaboration tools

Another neat app that does the trick is Swit!


These platforms have a huge advantage for seamless collaboration with your clients and remote teams. Here’s a list of more apps to help you hack remote collaboration.

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#3: Get Your Own AI Butler (Yes, Really)

Thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence, you can get your own AI butler who can handle various tasks for you, such as scheduling meetings, organising notes, and summarising information. You can also chat with them and get personalised feedback and support.

Remote workers have been creative with using ChatGPT to help achieve this step.

AI Assistant

If you’re sceptical about creating your personal AI assistant, say hello to Hello.ai!


You might have some privacy concerns about sharing your data and conversations with these assistants. However, they are designed to be secure and respectful of your privacy. You can also choose what you want to share and how you want to interact with them.

#4: Escape the Lonely Island (But Keep the Good Vibes)

Remote work can feel, well, remote. You might miss the social interaction and the buzz of the office. You might feel isolated and unmotivated, like this particular remote worker.

Virtual co-working space

Use platforms that simulate a virtual coworking space with background noise and social interaction. These work-from-anywhere apps let you join or create rooms where you can listen to ambient sounds, such as a coffee shop, rain, or fireplace, and chat with other remote workers from around the world.

work-from-anywhere apps

You can also try alternatives like online communities and forums for freelancers, where you can share your experiences, challenges, and tips with others. 

 forums for freelancers
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#5: Communication is Key (and Don’t Be a Ghost!)

The key to effective communication is to use the right tools and methods for different situations. For example, you can use email for formal and official communication, such as contracts, invoices, and feedback. 

But communication is not just about the tools and methods. It’s also about the style and tone. You need to be aware of the cultural differences and preferences of your clients and collaborators and adapt your communication accordingly. 

Some of the tools mentioned below work for teams and for individual remote workers.

Tools for remote working teams

Here’s a complete list of other tools you can use.

The bottom line is: don’t be a ghost. Don’t disappear or ignore your clients and collaborators. Don’t leave them hanging or wondering what’s going on. Be responsive, proactive, and transparent. Communication is the ultimate work-from-home hack here to build trust and rapport and ensure a successful and satisfying freelance project.

Bonus: Prioritise Well-being and Prevent Burnout

You need to balance your work and life and make time for yourself. 

balance your work and life

Also, take breaks, get enough sleep (seriously!), and set boundaries between your work and personal space.

take breaks

You can also use resources like Headspace, Calm, and BetterHelp to practise mindfulness, meditation, and therapy.

practise mindfulness, meditation, and therapy

The most important thing is to create a personalised self-care routine that works for you. Find what makes you happy and relaxed, and do it regularly. It could be reading a book, listening to music, playing a game, or anything else. Treat yourself well and reward yourself for your hard work!

create a personalised self-care routine
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Working remotely as a freelancer in India can be challenging, but also rewarding and fulfilling. Overcome the challenges and thrive as a freelancer by using these working-from-home hacks and tools.

These hacks and tools can help you improve your productivity, efficiency, creativity, and satisfaction as a freelancer. Experiment and find the combination that works best for you.

Check out these links and keep hustlin’!

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. Do remote jobs pay well?

Ans. Remote jobs can pay well, depending on your skills, experience, and industry. Some of the highest-paying remote jobs in India are in the fields of IT, software development, digital marketing, web design, content writing, and graphic design. 

Q2. Is remote better than office?

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