Top 7 SEO Tools for Freelancers in 2024

Top 7 SEO Tools for Freelancers in 2024
Anoosh Kotak17 January 2024

SEO is often compared to a game of chess, a maze, or a jigsaw puzzle. All these analogies hint at its complexity, unpredictability and how critical it is to make strategic moves and use relevant SEO tools. 

According to Search Engine Journal's State of SEO 2024 Report, content production and strategy, tracking SEO value, and budget issues are some of the biggest SEO challenges professionals may face. 

Therefore, organisations and freelancers need to keep up with the latest SEO tools and strategies to boost their client’s web page ranking

This blog presents the best SEO tools for freelancers in 2024 to streamline workflow and achieve top rankings for clients.

Top 7 SEO Tools in 2024

Here are the top seven SEO tools that offer comprehensive SEO services.

1. SurferSEO

This is one of the most commonly used SEO tools by freelancers for creating well-structured and keyword-optimised content.

Some of the key features of SurferSEO that make it one of the best SEO ranking tools include the following.

key features of SurferSEO
  • On-page SEO optimisation: Its content editor provides real-time SEO insights and content scores based on the quality of the content, keywords used, word count and NLP-ready keywords.
  • Create clear and concise briefs: SurferSEO is a top SEO ranking tool because of its embedded outline builder feature that offers relevant content headings and frequently asked questions.
  • SEO audit: It also conducts SEO audits on already published content. Therefore, it helps optimise existing content as per the latest keyword ranking.
  • Multilingual: It allows users to write and optimise content in multiple languages.
  • Plagiarism check: This SEO tool also checks plagiarism to ensure authentic content is published online.

Moreover, the Surfer Academy is one of the best resources for freelancers to gain in-depth knowledge of SEO. It includes masterclasses, webinars, and online communities.

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2. Screaming Frog

Once you publish content online, you need to conduct regular SEO audits to ensure that the keywords are still relevant and the website is functioning properly. Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO tools for this. 

It is a website crawler that helps find on-page SEO issues like URL issues, broken links, server errors, link redirects and duplicate content. Here are some of the key features of this SEO tool.

Screaming Frog
  • Analyses page titles and metadata: Screaming Frog analyses missing or duplicate page elements, meta descriptions and keywords. 

  • Site visualisations: It uses interactive crawling to assess internal linking and the URL structure. Therefore, it helps analyse effective internal linking between pillar blog pages and sub-topic pages.

  • Schedule audits: You can schedule automated technical SEO audits with Screaming Frog. It also provides a comparative report for different crawls.

3. SEO Neo

Neo is an excellent SEO tool for generating high-quality backlinks for a website. Thus, it helps improve website authority. Here are the key features of SEO Neo.

  • AI content buckets: This SEO tool also helps freelancers create content pillar topics or content buckets which are used to generate high-quality content and increase website traffic.
  • Create a content strategy: It offers a comprehensive tool called Diagram Strategy Creator to create an effective content strategy.

4. Junia AI

This is one of the best AI SEO tools to generate SEO content and improve search engine rankings. Its top features are–

  • Long-form content creation: This AI SEO tool efficiently performs all activities, including keyword research, creating listicles and pillar content and adding images and metadata.
  • Natural backlinking: It creates high-quality content used by other websites to generate backlinks.

Junia AI helps websites get more traffic by generating quality content, thus improving search engine rankings.

5. MarketBrew

MarketBrew is an advanced SEO tool that creates calibrated search engine models for different search engines. This helps freelancers and SEO experts analyse a search engine algorithm in detail.

The model trains itself to act as any search engine and provides insights into how that particular search engine functions. Therefore, MarketBrew’s search engine model allows users to run mock SEO tests and optimise their SEO strategy. The key features of this SEO tool are as follows.

  • Constant calibration: It uses machine learning technology to calibrate itself as per the latest updates in actual search engines’ algorithms. Therefore, it helps get real-time insights.
  • Predict rankings: This SEO tool allows freelancers to predict their website’s ranking on actual search engines.
  • Predictive analytics: Since the model uses machine learning to train itself, users can observe it to forecast future updates of search engine algorithms.
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6. Frase

It is an AI SEO tool that does comprehensive research on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It collates necessary and relevant content from the top search results by using an intuitive research panel. Its key features include the following.

  • Visualising SERP metrics: Frase visualises important SERP metrics such as word count and domain rating to give a clear overview of competitors' content.
  • Creates SEO content outlines: This SEO tool uses AI technology to create optimised content briefs in roughly six seconds. It extracts relevant headings from top SERP results and creates a content outline.
  • Generates SEO content: Frase also provides AI-generated content that freelancers can simplify or edit by using specific prompts. 
  • Keyword analysis: It is an all-rounder SEO tool that enables freelancers to identify relevant keywords based on competitor analysis.

7. KeywordInsights

This is a top SEO tool for holistic keyword research. It supports in-depth keyword research for users. You have to enter a single keyword related to your client's business and this SEO tool churns thousands of related keywords in no time. Thus, it helps freelancers build an effective content management strategy. 

Its key features include the following.

  • Keyword clustering: The tool provides keywords that can be grouped in a cluster and used on the same page. Thus, it enables freelancers to help their clients get higher ranking faster for low-difficulty and low-volume keywords.

    This SEO tool provides a detailed clustering report by analysing the live SERP data as per the geographical location.
  • Search intent: This is undoubtedly one of the top SEO tools because it uses machine learning technology to describe the search intent of potential customers. It also tracks the changes in the search intent over time.
  • Strategic content briefs: This tool thoroughly analyses the top 20 pages ranked on Google for the relevant keywords and finds quality content points that should be included in the brief. Moreover, it points out topics that the competitors are not focusing on.


SEO is a critical content marketing strategy to improve a brand's online presence. However, growing competition and changing search algorithms have made it necessary for SEO experts to leverage SEO tools for various purposes.

Based on the above features, SurferSEO is one of the best SEO tools for overall SEO strategy and on-page SEO optimisation. However, if you are looking for an SEO tool for technical SEO audits,  you should try Screaming Frog. If you are a seasoned SEO expert and want to test different strategies, you must consider the MarketBrew SEO tool.

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Q1. What are SEO tools?

Ans. SEO tools or SEO platforms are software that assist businesses or individuals to get a better ranking on search engines. These tools comprise features like keyword research, SEO audit, on-page optimization, competitor analysis and technical SEO.

Q2. Are there any free SEO tools?

Ans. Yes, there are some free SEO tracking tools or SEO ranking tools, namely, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Keyword Research, SERP Checker and more.

Q3. Which are the best SEO tools for a beginner?

Ans. SurferSEO, Keyword Insights, and Screaming Frog are some of the top SEO tools for beginners.

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