How to Get New Clients as a Freelancer

How to Get New Clients as a Freelancer
Prashanth10 February 2024

Any freelancer’s primary challenge is one thing: finding new clients.

Securing that first client marks a significant milestone, lending credibility and initiating the portfolio development process.

Let’s explore what successful freelancers do and uncover valuable lessons you can apply to your journey.

1. Online Presence

Establishing a strong online presence is necessary to get clients today. Here are some key strategies to enhance your online presence.

Website and Portfolio

Ensure your website and portfolio are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively showcase your skills and past work.

For instance, Saheli Chatterjee has effectively showcased her social media expertise with clear metrics, compelling testimonials, and a user-friendly interface.

Website and Portfolio

Content Creation

Build your brand image as an industry authority by consistently creating valuable content addressing your target audience's needs.

Focus on relevant topics and offer practical solutions, like a marketing consultant sharing effective strategies and successful case studies.

Social Media Sizzle

Strategically utilising platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can aid in developing a personal brand. 

Shreya Pattar, a freelance content writer, has earned 136k+ followers on LinkedIn by consistently posting relevant content.

2. Network Building

As a freelancer, you're the face of your own business. The more you network, the more your freelance business and professional connections will grow. Here's what to do.

Basic Charcha

To build connections, start attending industry events, meetups, and workshops. You may also utilize alum networks and get involved in aligned projects.

Joining mentorship groups and volunteering skills for community causes also helps build visibility.

Professional Platforms

Your profile serves as your first impression, so ensure it's polished and showcases your expertise effectively. 

For example, on LinkedIn or Upwork, optimise your profile with a professional photo, comprehensive summary, and relevant skills and endorsements. 


Request and showcase client testimonials on your website or LinkedIn profile, as emphasised by ghostwriter Mona Ganatra.


Wherever you got your testimonials—from Twitter, LinkedIn, or Upwork—remember to repurpose and use where they're most effective, whether it's in your sales proposals or on your website.

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3. Client Magnetism

Valuing others enhances your significance. To attract new clients, prioritise making them feel appreciated. Here's how.

Target the Right Audience

Specialise in a niche that aligns with your unique skills. Offer services that meet the specific needs of your chosen audience. 

For example, if you're a web designer specialising in e-commerce, target small businesses aiming to boost online sales.

Value-Driven Proposals

Create proposals that focus on the value you bring to clients. Highlight how your services can solve their problems and help in achieving their goals.

Whether generating leads or managing a client’s social media, show how you can meet their needs. Be specific.

Competitive Pricing

Research competitors' rates and adjust your pricing accordingly. Your pricing should reflect your expertise while staying mindful of the market.

Calculating Your Base Rate

If you need clarification about the hourly rate, check out the best way to calculate your ideal rate in the image below.

Calculating your hour rate example

4. Beyond the Basics

Now that you've learned the basics, it's time to step up and elevate your game to finding clients.

Go the Extra Mile

Differentiate yourself by delivering outstanding customer service and surpassing expectations. Offer extra services, promptly address inquiries, and handle concerns with professionalism.

Embrace Continuous Learning

Stay updated with industry trends by taking online courses and attending workshops. Enhance your skills to remain competitive and meet evolving client needs effectively.

Build Your Tribe

Connect with other Indian freelancers for support and collaboration. Join online forums and industry-specific groups to foster meaningful relationships and access new opportunities.

If you need more inspiration, check out this blog where Chinmay Chandgude, Partner at Alpha OBS LLP Venture, discusses how customer delivery drives global business growth.


Finding new clients is a challenging feat. From networking to building a personal brand, you have got to do it all.

With dedication, acquiring clients is feasible. Communicate your value proposition and how you can make their lives easier before they commit to hiring you.

Know your strengths, be bold, and treat your freelance gig as a serious business. Before you know it, you'll be rocking the freelance world. 


Q1: What are some effective ways to market myself as a freelancer?

Ans: Effective ways to market yourself as a freelancer include building a strong online presence through a professional website and social media, networking with industry professionals, showcasing your expertise through content creation, and leveraging platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn.

Q2: What are some of the biggest challenges that Indian freelancers face?

Ans: Some of the biggest challenges that Indian freelancers face include fierce competition, pricing pressure, inconsistent work opportunities, cultural barriers, and payment issues.

Q3: How can I price my services competitively as a freelancer?

Ans: Price your services competitively by researching your market, understanding your value proposition, and considering factors such as your expertise, experience, and the scope of the project. Aim to offer rates that reflect your value while remaining competitive.

Q4: How do I get my first client on Freelancer?

Ans: To get your first client on Freelancer, optimise your profile with relevant skills and experience, bid on projects aligned with your expertise, craft personalised proposals highlighting how you can add value to the client's project, and maintain clear communication. Additionally, consider showcasing past work or providing samples to demonstrate your capabilities.

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