How to Get New Clients as a Freelancer

How to Get New Clients as a Freelancer
Prashanth10 February 2024

Any freelancer’s primary challenge is one thing: finding new clients.

Securing that first client marks a significant milestone, lending credibility and initiating the portfolio development process.

Let’s explore what successful freelancers do and uncover valuable lessons you can apply to your journey.

1. Online Presence

Establishing a strong online presence is necessary to get clients today. Here are some key strategies to enhance your online presence.

Website and Portfolio

Ensure your website and portfolio are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively showcase your skills and past work.

For instance, Saheli Chatterjee has effectively showcased her social media expertise with clear metrics, compelling testimonials, and a user-friendly interface.

Website and Portfolio

Content Creation

Build your brand image as an industry authority by consistently creating valuable content addressing your target audience's needs.

Focus on relevant topics and offer practical solutions, like a marketing consultant sharing effective strategies and successful case studies.

Social Media Sizzle

Strategically utilising platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can aid in developing a personal brand. 

Shreya Pattar, a freelance content writer, has earned 136k+ followers on LinkedIn by consistently posting relevant content.

2. Network Building

As a freelancer, you're the face of your own business. The more you network, the more your freelance business and professional connections will grow. Here's what to do.

Basic Charcha

To build connections, start attending industry events, meetups, and workshops. You may also utilize alum networks and get involved in aligned projects.

Joining mentorship groups and volunteering skills for community causes also helps build visibility.

Professional Platforms

Your profile serves as your first impression, so ensure it's polished and showcases your expertise effectively. 

For example, on LinkedIn or Upwork, optimise your profile with a professional photo, comprehensive summary, and relevant skills and endorsements. 


Request and showcase client testimonials on your website or LinkedIn profile, as emphasised by ghostwriter Mona Ganatra.


Wherever you got your testimonials—from Twitter, LinkedIn, or Upwork—remember to repurpose and use where they're most effective, whether it's in your sales proposals or on your website.

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