Connect your PayPal account with Skydo

Connect or Open your PayPal account with Skydo
Prashanth23 April 2024

PayPal is a widely recognized platform for cross-border payments and online transactions, especially outside India where it reigns as a go-to solution. Despite its popularity, many Indian exporters are hesitant to use it owing to its relatively high fees.

However, exporters often encounter a dilemma when foreign clients insist on using PayPal, a platform they trust and are familiar with.

Understanding the needs of such Indian exporters, Skydo has introduced PayPal integration, making it easier for them to handle all cross-border payments under one roof. While Skydo can help manage your PayPal transactions, let's first understand how to open a PayPal account for yourself.

How to Open a PayPal Account?

Opening a PayPal account is a straightforward process involving the following steps:

  • Visit the PayPal website.
  • Choose the account type (Personal/Business) and provide the necessary information.
  • Link a payment method, such as a bank account or credit/debit card.
  • Confirm your email address and mobile number to activate your account.

How Do You Receive Payments via PayPal?

You can share your PayPal registered email address or mobile number with the client. They will add your details in the recipient section of the PayPal app and click on send payment. Once the amount reaches your account, PayPal will notify you of the same.

Alternatively, you can create a personalised payment link and share it with the client through text messages, email, or social channels. 

You can view the money you have received by logging into your PayPal account. From there, you have the option to:

  • Transfer it to your local bank account or
  • Keep it in your PayPal wallet to make online transactions
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