Top 10 Freelancing Truths You Should Know

Top 10 Freelancing Truths You Should Know
Sukanya1 February 2024

Freelancing is a satisfying profession, bringing unlimited earning potential and flexibility. However, some freelancers struggle to book clients or build their portfolios to charge a rate they feel resonates with the quality of their work. But why do some freelancers easily book clients and negotiate a high rate while some freelancers struggle to sustain? 

The answers lie in some ‘truths’ about freelance that are often overlooked but are crucial for success. This blog will unravel these freelancing truths, demystifying the secrets that can empower you to not only survive but thrive in the freelancing world.

Truth #1: You're worth more than you think (and your rate reflects it)

Myth: “Other freelancers are charging way less than you are; your rate seems high.”

You're worth more than you think (and your rate reflects it)

The rates you charge as a freelancer are justified based on your expertise and experience. You should own them as you can add value through your qualitative work. For companies, hiring employees may cost more than your combined rates as the companies have to pay numerous benefits over salaries to employees but not to you. 

Most freelancers charge on a per-project basis, further reducing the retaining nature of employee payments without factoring in the monetary consequences of sick leaves and paid vacations. 

Hence, do not underestimate your value, be firm on your rates, and let your work do the talking! 

Truth #2: Six-Hour Projects Are Eight-Hour Realities

Myth: “The work is not that extensive, that’s why the short deadlines.”

Projects rarely go exactly as planned. Unforeseen challenges, technical issues, or unexpected revisions can significantly extend the time needed to complete a task. Clients rarely understand a freelancer’s workflow and may set inadequate deadlines. 

A six-hour deadline to complete a task may require more hours to research, edit, or align the task as per the objective. 

Client communication, feedback loops, and revisions can consume more time than initially anticipated. Hence, it is important to analyse the communicated task extensively before starting the project to set realistic expectations from the outset. 

If such is the case, you can charge on a per-day basis to factor in the extra time spent. 

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