Top 5 Remote Work Hacks for Freelancers

Top 5 Remote Work Hacks for Freelancers
Sukanya2 March 2024

A global data report revealed that India had 333 million self-employed people in 2021, a 7.6% increase from 2020.

But remote work is not a walk in the park. Indian freelancers face many challenges, such as unreliable internet, distractions, and time zone differences. How can you overcome these hurdles and thrive as a freelancer in India?

Here are some remote work hacks that remote workers worldwide have tried and tested, which will help you level up your game and crush it as a freelancer in India.

#1: Focus Like a Laser with Apps That Block Distractions

The distractions of Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Netflix and other platforms are at your fingertips when you work remotely. How can you resist the temptation of hopping on to these apps and get things done?

Some apps have worked for fellow remote workers to ensure self-control


However, if you’re looking for a better Sidekick to your hero side hustle-try this one:


Some of the other apps that you can use are Forest, PomoDone, and Freedom. You can also try alternatives like browser extensions and offline methods, such as turning off your phone and using a timer.

How to stay focused and productive when you WFH

#2: Collab Like a Boss with Cloud Crew HQ

Remote work translates to remote collaboration. You’re not in the office to turn towards someone and speak to them. Email can only go so far. You need a better way to communicate and collaborate with your cloud crew.

Collaboration tools

Another neat app that does the trick is Swit!


These platforms have a huge advantage for seamless collaboration with your clients and remote teams. Here’s a list of more apps to help you hack remote collaboration.

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