Top Sales Strategies to Boost Revenue for Your Tech Export Business

Top Sales Strategies to Boost Revenue for Your Tech Export Business
Anoosh Kotak2 December 2023

The standard checklist for setting up a global tech export business seems as follows:

  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Funding
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • A great team of experts
  • Marketing and Branding
  • International Partnerships and Networks

However, despite checking all the boxes, a prominent challenge arises: generating/increasing sales and boosting revenue. 

You may have the best product or be the best service provider in the market. Yet, without the appropriate distribution channel, it can hamper your growth. How will your target audience know what you offer without any form of marketing or sales strategies? Thus, your sales strategies become as vital as your product, if you want your business to do well. 

But before delving deeper into generating sales and revenue, here’s the difference between sales and business development.

Sales vs. Business Development: Understanding the Difference

Business development and sales can be simplified as 'finding potential customers' and 'closing deals.' 

Business development representatives search for suitable leads and direct them to the sales team, making it easier to approach and sell to interested prospects.

Both functions are essential for revenue generation, as sales bring in immediate revenue, and business development lays the groundwork for the sales team. 

Similarly, there is an overlap/interconnection between sales and marketing functions that you can leverage to generate revenue.

Functions of BDRs/SDRs and the Sales Team

  Fig1: Functions of BDRs/SDRs and the Sales Team, Source

Why Is a Sales Strategy Important?

A well-crafted sales strategy is indispensable for the growth and success of any business. It acts as a guiding map for future planning, problem-solving, goal-setting, and management. 

Providing clear direction and focus for your team, an effective sales strategy ensures strategic clarity, helping sales representatives and managers prioritize goals and activities, leading to heightened productivity and improved outcomes. 

Consistent messaging fosters trust and effectiveness with prospects, partners, and customers. A robust sales strategy optimizes opportunities by tailoring approaches to target the right prospects.

Moreover, it aids in resource allocation, allowing teams to use their time, effort, and resources efficiently, enhancing their ability to concentrate on high-potential deals. Whether employing outbound or inbound sales strategies for startups or B2B scenarios, the importance of a well-defined sales strategy cannot be overstated, serving as a linchpin for success in a competitive business landscape.

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