V-CIP Terms and Conditions
  1. You understand that Video based Customer Identification Process (hereinafter referred to as “video KYC”) is a method of identification by an employee of Skydo, by undertaking seamless, secure, real-time, consent based consent based audio-visual interaction with you to obtain identification information including the documents required for your due-diligence purpose, and to ascertain the veracity of the information furnished by you.


  3. You understand that for undertaking and completing video KYC you have to have in your possession the original PAN card. Any photocopy/ true copy/ certified copy etc. will not be acceptable and the video KYC process will not be completed.


  5. You agree and acknowledge that during the video KYC process, your location shall be captured and photo for the purposes of identification and the photo of your PAN card shall be clicked by the employee of Skydo and the complete video call shall be recorded and stored by Skydo. You hereby expressly consent for such recording and storing of the video call, your location and the above mentioned photos by Skydo.


  7. You understand that for completion of the video KYC process, you will be requested to answer certain questions by the Skydo employee. You understand and agree that if the answers given by you are not matching with or are inconsistent with the documents provided by you or are unsatisfactory in nature, then your video KYC may be rejected by Skydo at its sole discretion


  9. The initiation of the video KYC process can be facilitated either by you or through an authorised representative of Skydo, however, the video KYC process shall be solely completed by you based on your interaction with the Skydoemployee and due assessment by Skydo.


  11. You agree and understand that Skydo may at its sole discretion reject such completed video KYC if the same does not meet the quality parameters of Skydo and/or is found in violation of Skydo’s regulatory policies and guidelines and/or is found to be spoofed or subject to fraudulent manipulations.


  13. You agree and understand that during the video KYC process, you shall be expected to carefully and correctly follow Skydo’s instructions/ directions to proceed further for fulfilment of all stages of the video KYC process.


  15. You understand and acknowledge that Skydo, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to dis-allow you to commence the video KYC process, basis its internal policies and guidelines.