How to Leverage Indian Remote Workers to Expand Your Business

How to Leverage Indian Remote Workers to Expand Your Business
Anoosh Kotak9 December 2023

The Advent of the Remote Working Era

In 2020, the pandemic created a seismic shift to the remote work culture at a pace and scale rarely seen across workforce trends. From a mere 7% of employees working remotely before the pandemic to the expectation that 70% of the workforce would work remotely by 2025 – the focus and mindset shift has been nothing less than radical. 

From entry-level associates to CEOs, most people today get remote or hybrid work options where they can choose to work from anywhere. Companies like Zapier, Adobe, Microsoft, Spotify, TCS, and other prominent names have been the frontrunners in showing their commitment to the WFA/WFH trend. 

An HBR study found an employee’s productivity levels improved from 13% to 22% in just 9 months of WFH. The world experienced relocations with workers moving to their home cities, saving on living costs, and spending more quality time with their families. 

Meanwhile, the companies saw WFH as an opportunity to expand their footprint to even more countries. It has opened up new avenues for companies seeking cost-effective solutions, and India has emerged as a prominent destination for outsourcing and offshoring. The Indian workforce offers several compelling advantages that make it an ideal choice for international businesses. 

They offer a skilled and diverse talent pool, cost-effectiveness, excellent English proficiency, and a track record of successful collaborations. Therefore, if you want to pitch your services abroad and leverage the benefits of offshoring, India provides a compelling proposition worth considering.

Spotlight on India: A Powerhouse of Remote Talent

With its rich demographic dividend, phenomenal talent, and a robust ecosystem of startups and MNCs, India is among the top choices for companies hiring remote workforce today. 

According to Microsoft's Annual Work Trend Index on India, approximately 74% of India’s workforce is keen on remote work options.  The report said, “The data is clear: extreme flexibility and hybrid work will define the post-pandemic workplace.” 

Global software houses outsource to India for several reasons:

Global software houses outsource to India for several reasons
  • India’s huge talent pool with a diverse skill set 
  • Ease of communication, considering the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, resides here
  • Readily available infrastructure, such as 5G Internet, digital payments, etc.
  • An in-depth understanding of Western thought and the influence of pop culture

India is expected to have a talent surplus of 11 million tech workers by 2030, making it a potential leader in the tech job market. The talent surplus from the overly saturated Indian job market can readily fulfil hirings for diverse skill sets otherwise unavailable elsewhere.     

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