Standardisation vs Customisation: What’s Better for Your IT Service Business?

Standardisation vs Customisation: What’s Better for Your IT Service Business?
Sukanya6 December 2023

Imagine craving a perfect cup of chai on your way home from work. Now, picture being able to customise that cup to your liking, even before reaching the cafe. Whether you prefer a flavoured blend or a classic, plain cup, you want it just as you make it home. 

Chaayos, the chai-café chain, has mastered this art of personalisation. With over 80,000 ways to customise, each chai is a handcrafted masterpiece made to order. This level of customisation has satisfied individual taste preferences and propelled Chaayos to success, demonstrating the power of personalised experiences in boosting business.

Like choosing your favourite custom chai, you must consider the best way to provide your IT services. Customisation offers quality but can be time-consuming, while standardisation is quicker but may not fit well. 

Consider factors like client volume, service demands, and available resources to decide what suits your company best. Customisation and standardisation each have pros and cons. Read on to learn more about standardisation vs customisation.

What is Customisation?

What is Customisation?

Customisation refers to tailoring software, applications, or systems to meet specific client requirements. It involves adapting technology solutions to align with unique business processes, preferences, and objectives. This personalised approach enhances functionality, user experience, and overall system efficiency. 

Moreover, customisation enables businesses to address distinct challenges, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure while maximising the value of IT investments. It fosters a client-centric paradigm, promoting adaptability and innovation. 

In the dynamic landscape of global IT services, customisation is pivotal in delivering bespoke solutions that cater to diverse industry needs and foster long-term client satisfaction. 

Advantages of Customisation

Customisation, if done right, can work wonders for your business. You can work with every client individually, understand their needs and concerns, and offer solutions accordingly. 

For instance, a company as large as IBM also provides customisation options for their clients. Their Extensibility Workbench has been developed specifically to cater to business-specific needs, where adjustments related to functionality and UI can be made to existing applications.

This way, not only is the client’s experience better, but it also ensures that your solutions are efficient. Successful customisation can become a great marketing tool through word of mouth and referrals. 

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