What Is the UTR Number for RTGS and NEFT?

What Is the UTR Number for RTGS and NEFT?
Prashanth17 February 2024

If you are familiar with NEFT and RTGS payments, you must have seen a number attached to every executed transaction under NEFT or RTGS. The number called a UTR number, plays a crucial role in tracking, reconciling, and ensuring the secure movement of funds within the banking system.

What is the UTR number? 

A Unique Transaction Reference Number, commonly known as a UTR number, means a 16-digit (for NEFT) and 22-character (for RTGS) unique code assigned to every transaction executed under the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems. 

When you make a digital transaction using NEFT or RTGS, the system automatically assigns a UTR number to the completed transaction, which generally looks something like XXXXR786890657897654XX. The main reason behind assigning a UTR number to every transaction is to track the completed transactions easily for future reference. 

UTR numbers typically consist of around 22 characters, although the exact length can vary slightly between banks. The structure of a UTR number usually includes alphanumeric characters, combining letters and numbers, including: 

What is the UTR number?
  • Bank Identifier: A code representing the bank that initiated the transaction.
  • Transaction Date: Information about the date the transaction was processed.
  • Unique Sequence: A series of characters to differentiate the transaction from other transactions. 
Why are UTR numbers important?

Where to find your UTR number?

To track the UTR number for a transaction, you can do UTR no. tracking by visiting the following places.

Where to find your UTR number?
  • Bank Statements
  • Transaction Confirmation and Receipts
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Internet Banking Portals
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