Why Skydo is Your Trusted International Payment Partner?

Why Skydo is Your Trusted International Payment Partner?
Rohit28 February 2024

Skydo is a leading cross-border B2B payment gateway tailored for Indian businesses, spanning freelancers, sole proprietorships, and companies alike. We're dedicated to making B2B payment processing seamless, compliant, and cost-effective.

At the heart of our operations lie four fundamental pillars: regulatory compliance, secure money handling, data security, and prompt fund availability. These pillars are paramount in fostering trust and security, ensuring that businesses can conduct cross-border payments with confidence.

Let's explore how Skydo simplifies cross-border payments while prioritizing trust and security.

OPGSP Regulations

Skydo operates within the Reserve Bank of India's Operating Guidelines for Payment Gateways (OPGSP) framework. This regulatory framework outlines stringent guidelines for data privacy, transaction security, and operational practices. 

OPGSP Regulations

By adhering to these regulations, Skydo ensures compliance with industry standards and instils confidence in our users regarding the security of their transactions. Additionally, Skydo is in the process of applying to become a licensed entity, aligning with the RBI guidelines. 

Secure Money Handling

Ensuring the safety of your funds is our utmost priority at Skydo. We take security seriously and have implemented strong measures similar to those top financial institutions use to protect your funds. 

Secure Money Handling

We've partnered with respected banks like DBS, LSEG, and Currencycloud (a Visa entity) known for their commitment to security and reliability. These partnerships guarantee the safety of your funds and provide added assurance about how Skydo handles your finances as a payment partner.

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Data Security

At Skydo, safeguarding your privacy is paramount, and we use a multi-layered approach to ensure the security of your data.

Data Security
  • Encryption
    Your data is protected during transmission using top-grade encryption. Think of it like a secret code only you and Skydo can understand, ensuring your information remains safe and secure.
  • Restricted Access
    We strictly limit access to your details to authorised personnel only. Your personal information is stored in a virtual safe, with access tightly controlled and continuously monitored to safeguard your privacy.
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring
    Our vigilant team closely monitors any unusual activity to maintain a safe and trustworthy environment. If anything seems amiss, we immediately investigate to ensure your data's integrity and our platform's security.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    We've added a layer of security to your login process. This extra step acts like a special key to your account that only you possess, providing added protection against unauthorized access.

With these robust data security measures in place, Skydo ensures that your information is safeguarded at every step, giving you peace of mind while using our platform.

Prompt Fund Availability

At Skydo, we understand the urgency of accessing your funds without delay. That's why we ensure that once we receive your funds, they are swiftly brought back to India within 12 hours. Following this, the conversion process takes place, and your funds are promptly transferred to your bank account.

Prompt Fund Availability

This streamlined approach minimizes the risk associated with potential bank collapses and ensures quicker access to your funds when you need them the most.


Skydo is committed to providing you with a seamless and secure experience for cross-border payments. Our focus on regulatory compliance, secure money handling, data security, and prompt fund availability ensures transparency and trustworthiness in every transaction.

Delve deeper into what Skydo offers and consider us for your cross-border payment requirements. With Skydo, you can confidently handle your transactions with the utmost reliability, security, and professionalism. 

Trust Skydo for a reliable and secure solution for your B2B payment processing.

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