Unlock Transparent Pricing and Maximize Cost Savings with Skydo

Unlock Transparent Pricing and Maximize Cost Savings with Skydo
Anoosh Kotak29 December 2023

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase their profits. But traditional payment methods take away a chunk of your topline in fees, have complicated structures, and make it difficult to monitor expenses accurately.

If you deal in foreign exchange transactions, the opaque exchange rates will hide the true margins and eat into your profits. If you work with tight budgets or in competitive markets, you will feel the pinch harder. Skydo provides transparent foreign exchange pricing and genuine savings per transaction, so businesses keep more earnings without worrying about hidden fees

Skydo: An Efficient Payment Gateway With Transparent and Flat Fee Pricing

When it comes to international business transactions, receiving payments can be a major challenge. The hidden charges can catch you off guard, making it expensive and cumbersome. These fees include service, conversion, and other miscellaneous charges. Thankfully, Skydo offers a solution through its transparent and cost-effective pricing model

Unlike other banks and payment gateways that have complex fee structures, Skydo charges a flat fee for transactions, ensuring that businesses know exactly how much they will be charged upfront. With a flat fee of USD 19 for transactions under USD 2,000 and USD 29 for transactions over USD 2,000, businesses can easily calculate their transaction costs without any hidden fees or complicated charges.

Skydo stands out for its live FX rates that have zero margins, offering the most competitive foreign exchange rates for businesses without any hidden charges. This means businesses only pay a fixed amount, resulting in significant cost savings. In fact, using Skydo can lead to an annual saving of ₹5,94,896 compared to traditional banks.

Imagine a business transaction where a customer pays in USD. With Skydo, for an invoice amount of USD 1000, you would receive INR 81,328, with only a nominal transaction fee of USD 19 USD and an 18% GST fee of INR 284.46. This showcases the significant savings businesses can enjoy utilizing Skydo's optimal rates.

Skydo Transparent Price

Skydo allows businesses to save significant amounts of money, which can be reinvested into different areas such as marketing, research and development, or expanding operations. 

With Skydo, businesses receive the best value for their investment, resulting in increased profitability and growth.

Realizing the Future of International Transactions

The international transaction landscape changes rapidly as businesses become increasingly global and interconnected. This demands a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly method of conducting transactions. Let us explore the future of international transactions and the potential impact transparent pricing models could have on the industry.

Realizing the Future of International Transactions

The Ripple Effect of Transparent Pricing on the Payment Industry

By eliminating hidden fees and charges, businesses can accurately predict and understand their transaction costs, leading to more frequent and higher-value transactions. Additionally, payment gateways that prioritize transparency have a competitive advantage, as businesses tend to prefer using them.

As more payment gateways follow suit and adopt transparent pricing, it leads to an industry-wide standardization of fees and charges. This would simplify the process for businesses to compare different platforms and choose the one providing the best value.

Businesses Embracing Innovative Models like Skydo

Skydo is built to solve real business problems. Transparent pricing, flat fees, live FX rates without margins ensure real-time, competitive exchange rates for international transactions, ultimately enhancing profitability. Along with cost savings and increased efficiency, it also offers seamless integration with various business tools and platforms. These innovative offerings make it ideal for businesses.

Shifting Towards More Transparent and Customer-Friendly Solutions

Businesses want tech-savvy solutions that offer transparency, efficiency, and a customer-friendly experience. Payment gateways that do not meet these demands will struggle to keep up with the competition. Additionally, regulators are eagerly eyeing financial transactions and may push for greater transparency in the industry, leading to a further shift toward transparent pricing models. 

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