Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives You Might Not Know About

Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives You Might Not Know About
Anoosh Kotak20 May 2024

Back in 2008, Micha Kaufman and his friend Shai Wininger conceived a brilliant idea: What if people could hire freelancers in the same way they buy goods from Amazon? And voila, two years later, Fiverr was born! Since its inception, Fiverr has become one of the most coveted platforms for freelancers and businesses, facilitating over 4 million jobs worldwide, ranging from small $5 tasks to more substantial projects worth up to $8000. 

However, despite being one of the most sought after freelance marketplaces , certain challenges such as high commission rates and intense competition on the platform have prompted freelancers to seek for Fiverr alternatives.

In this article, we delve into some of the lesser-known Fiverr alternatives, examining user reviews sourced from G2 and Product Hunt to uncover their unique strengths and weaknesses. So, without further delay, let's dive in

Top Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers to Explore

Top Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers to Explore

1. Contra

Contra is a game-changing freelance platform that has truly transformed how creators connect. You can find a variety of freelancing roles on Contra, including frontend development, brand design, graphic design, and product design. What sets this Fiverr alternative apart from the rest of the marketplaces and networking sites is its ability to build a strong community and empower individuals to monetize their content directly.

In addition to finding freelance opportunities, you can use Contra to create a portfolio or website, sign contracts, manage portfolios, and send invoices

Trusted by more than 800k freelancers around the world, Contra is one of the most used marketplaces for freelancers to build and grow their freelancing careers from scratch.



  • Limited Opportunities: Users complain about limited freelance opportunities as compared to other freelancing websites.


  • Contra is a no-commission platform that allows freelancers to take 100% of what they earn without any cuts. 

2. ARC

ARC serves as a vibrant marketplace connecting freelancers and businesses across the world. Whether it's graphic design, software development, or marketing, ARC ensures freelancers access a diverse range of remote work options, while businesses secure top talent for their projects.

The platform boasts an intuitive user interface, streamlining the onboarding process for freelancers. This translates to effortless project acquisition for you – land gigs up to 75% faster compared to other freelance platforms.


  • Exceptional human assistance: In the world of AI advancements, ARC offers consistent personal support to freelancers throughout the interview and negotiation process. 
  • Software engineer resume builder: Use the advanced resume creator to highlight your achievements and grab the attention of CEOs and hiring managers, all under certified resume writers.


  • Limited payment options: ARC offers fewer payment options namely ACH, wire transfers, and credit cards.

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The platform is completely free to use for freelancers and doesn’t charge anything when you land a job through it. 

3. Toptal

Toptal prides itself on bringing together the most skilled professionals in software, design, and finance, tailored to serve premium companies globally. This Fiverr alternative stands out from other platforms due to its rigorous vetting process, which ensures that companies are paired with the most talented professionals, and freelancers have the opportunity to work with top-tier clients from across 140 countries.


  • Seamless financial services: Toptal is regarded for its strong financial services, as highlighted by numerous users. One user states, “I never have to worry about contracts or deposits before and after projects. This financial security has not only eased my mind but also given me the confidence to focus on what I do best - delivering quality work to my clients.
Toptal review
  • Supportive Ecosystem: It provides an excellent ecosystem to guide and assist freelancers in their journey, along with other perks like community programs and personal development programs.


  • Difficult to get in: Becoming part of the top 3% of freelancers requires going through a rigorous process of multiple interviews and assessments, which can be a challenge, especially for newbies. 
  • Longer payment duration: While Toptal offers seamless financial services, there have been some concerns regarding the longer timeframe to clear the invoices.
  • Timezone mismatch for Asian freelancers: Since most Toptal projects originate from the USA, Asian freelancers often find it challenging to adjust their schedules, leading them to work unconventional hours.


For freelancers, Toptal doesn’t take a cut from your earnings. Starting with a downpayment of $500, Toptal welcomes clients who are seeking top-tiered freelancers. This deposit comes with a refund guarantee within a span of 2 weeks.     

4. Contently

Contently is an innovative freelance platform that brings a curated network of talented writers, editors, and other creative professionals to make content creation chaos-free. With an emphasis on quality and expertise, Contently ensures that every piece of content meets the highest standards.

Moreover, it offers countless benefits to freelancers by allowing them to organise their work and share their portfolios with potential clients, among others, all through one link.


  • Contently portfolio: Contently offers a user-friendly, single-page portfolio interface that enables freelancers to showcase their skills in an organised manner.
  • Content creation tools: Contently offers several content creation tools so that freelancers can easily create their portfolios and make necessary changes to them in just a few minutes. Plus it saves time by optimising the content for SEO, setting the right tone adhering to brand guidelines.


  • Inferior UI and analytics: Users have reported some issues regarding the UI of the calendar and primitive analytics making it difficult for them to navigate the site.


Contently offers custom pricing as per your subscription needs. Thus, to know more about the commission, request the sales team to discuss the prices.

5. Anytask

Developed by the team behind Electroneum, a leading crypto project, Anytask allows freelancers to provide their services in a wide variety of categories such as graphic design, writing and programming without any transaction fee.

Anytask utilises blockchain technology that allows freelancers to get paid in ETN (Eelctroneum’s Ltd Cryptocurrency) into their unique ETN wallet connected to your Anytask platform. The best part, you don’t need a bank account for that, just a smartphone and you’re good to go. 


  • Financial inclusion: The platform doesn’t require you to open a bank account which makes it a viable freelance platform in underbanked nations.
  • No commission: The exclusion of seller fees from the platform enables freelancers to take 100% of their hard-earned money.


  • Limited opportunities: Despite its appeal, some users express slight disappointment over the scarcity of tasks and offers available on the site


Anytask doesn’t include any seller fee allowing freelancers to keep all of their money without any cuts. 

Bonus: Online Communities & Forums

The scope of networking and finding freelance clients is not limited to only certain platforms. Here's a list of 6 online communities dedicated to supporting freelancers across various industries. 

What’s more, you can join them for free! 

Freelance Online Communities & Forums
  1. All Things Freelance is a freelancer community allowing them to share their work, advertise their services, and find prospective clients.
  2. Skydo Growing Global Community offers expert advice, real-world stories, and mutual learning opportunities through expert-led sessions and interactive Q&As.
  3. People Per Hour serves as the perfect medium for freelancers to connect and engage with fellow freelancers. Plus, you can also find potential clients within the forum.
  4. r/freelance is a popular subreddit on Reddit featuring a vibrant community of freelancers discussing various topics, seeking guidance, and sharing valuable reviews of various trends and industries.
  5. LinkedIn groups are a valuable forum to exchange ideas about the freelancing industry and connect with professionals across different industries.
  6. Nomad List is a paradise for digital nomads who are looking to connect and find remote freelance opportunities.

Parting Words   

The growth of freelance platforms with unique offerings is a reflection of the rise of the gig economy. And what we are also witnessing is the coming together of an entire ecosystem to support this evolving gig economy.

For instance, take Skydo—a fintech platform designed to help freelancers and small businesses receive international payments quickly, affordably, and in compliance with regulations. At Skydo, our mission is to simplify compliance and payment processes so that freelancers can focus on doing what they do the best!

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a freelance platform?

Ans: Projects across diverse industries, commission rates, and payment methods are essential when picking a freelance platform.

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