What Is Your Role as a Tech Startup Founder?

What Is Your Role as a Tech Startup Founder?
Sukanya9 December 2023

Kunal Shah. Nitin Kamat. Bhavish Aggarwal.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen look up to these successful company founders. The persistent thought when you observe them is how can you become a successful founder yourself?

Perhaps, you should start early at 19 years like Ritesh Agarwal of OYO? After all, he did build one of the world's largest hotel chains, operating across multiple countries. Deepinder Goyal scaled Zomato to over 25 countries. He focused on setting the long-term strategic direction and identifying growth opportunities in international markets. You can do both or none. 

In the realm of tech export businesses, innovation, and global reach are at the forefront. Thus, founders play a critical role in navigating the complexities of international markets. But how can you achieve this?

Here’s a list of specific roles and responsibilities that successful founders embrace. These are the open secrets to entrepreneurial triumph.

Foundational Roles of a Tech Export Startup Founder

In your tech startup’s early stages, you find yourself juggling multiple roles. Given the resource restraints, you must manage them and do it well. These roles include the following.

Foundational Roles of a Tech Export Startup Founder
  • Visionary Leader: This role includes providing a clear vision by defining the company's mission, values, and long-term goals. You also need to create a comprehensive strategy to execute this vision in the right direction. Doing so ensures you inspire and motivate the team to work towards a common objective.
  • Product Development and Innovator: A successful company innovates constantly. In this role, you must understand market needs and translate them into innovative solutions to keep the business momentum going. This way, you meet the needs of your target market and stand out from the competition.
  • Business Development Executive: As a business developer, your role includes identifying and pursuing new market opportunities. You will also put your network to the test and identify the ability to build strategic partnerships, negotiate deals, and navigate international markets. These steps play a pivotal role in establishing the startup's presence in global markets, driving growth, and ensuring long-term success in the tech export industry.
  • Team Building and Talent Acquisition: Since you set the culture, you can better identify good fits for your success. As the non-HR HR, you must lead the recruitment process, create a positive work culture, define roles and responsibilities, and empower team members to perform at their best.
  • Financial Management and Fundraising: Although consultants guide you, only you have skin in the game. You must create a viable business model, manage budgets, and seek funding opportunities. Whether planning financial strategy, pitching to investors or securing funding, don’t take your eye off the numbers.

By wearing many hats, you will gain a deep understanding of all verticals, enabling you to better train your second line of leaders in the future. Moreover, the willingness to embrace different roles instils a sense of resourcefulness and agility, enabling you to pivot when necessary.

Let’s understand how you can execute some of these roles in detail.

1. Setting the Vision and Strategy

The vision represents your startup’s long-term aspirations and purpose. It will influence every decision you make and give direction.

Generally, founders craft a roadmap and approach to realising the vision by analysing the competitive landscape, identifying target markets, and defining the company’s unique value proposition. 

This Forbes article is useful for creating a step-by-step vision.

A well-crafted strategy to execute this vision statement provides a framework for decision-making, resource allocation, and prioritisation, ensuring your startup moves toward its vision with purpose and focus.

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