Zoho Invoice Alternatives: Free & Easy Invoicing with Skydo

Zoho Invoice Alternatives: Free & Easy Invoicing with Skydo
Sukanya10 February 2024

Many small businesses have been using Zoho, a popular automated invoicing solution. However, they face issues like lack of operability, inability to integrate the solution with other Zoho applications and limited invoice generation.

The most common challenges with the Zoho invoice generator and invoice tracking tool are difficulty customising or editing automatically generated invoices and the lack of customer support. 

Therefore, using Zoho invoicing can be a challenge if you plan to expand your services internationally. Instead, you can try Skydo, a free invoice software for seamless payment life cycles.

Let's understand the common problems faced in Zoho invoice management and how Skydo, a free invoice generator is a more efficient alternative.

Challenges with Zoho Invoicing

1. Limited Features in the Free Plan:

  • The free plan of Zoho invoice includes the following limitations:

                       1. 500 invoices per year                         

                       2. users per organization

                       3. custom fields per module

                       4. Billing for up to 3 projects

  • A user says that it is difficult to rename an invoice PDF before downloading it
  • Even though bank transactions are auto-categorised, they are often incorrect which requires users to recategorise them
  • The free plan allows users to add limited customers. Moreover, the users cannot delete any customer added earlier. Therefore, organisations need to upgrade their plan if they want to add more customers
  • It does not support payment reminder tracking. Users cannot check when the client has viewed their email
  • Zoho Invoice cannot be integrated with other Zoho tools from the G-suite

The limited features in the free invoicing plan work better for newly set-up businesses. However, as your business grows, you will either have to get a paid plan or use another payment solution.

2. Integration Issues

  • Zoho invoicing only supports invoice creation, sending and tracking. For accounting purposes, users need to switch to Zoho books.
  • Many users have reported that the Zoho invoice feature is difficult to integrate with the accounting software.

Difficulty in integrating Zoho Invoice makes it difficult for users to optimise their payment processes and increases inefficiency.

3. Limited Payment Options

  • Zoho invoice facilitates cross-border payments only through PayPal, which has a higher transaction fee and charges a 3-5% currency conversion fee. Therefore, users lose significant earnings
  • Users can connect Zoho Invoice to only one merchant account, thus making it difficult to receive payments seamlessly and impacting cross-border transaction feasibility
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